Jim Elenteny is a teacher, musician and audio engineer. He holds a Master’s Degree in Jazz/Commercial Music, with a major in Composition and Arranging, from Five Towns College, and a Bachelor’s degree from Five Towns College (magna cum laude) in Jazz/Commercial Music, with a major in Audio Engineering. While engineering was officially his major as an undergraduate, Jim took all the required courses to qualify as a major in both Music Performance (guitar) and Composition. Jim received several awards at Five Towns College, including the Award For Excellence in Audio Engineering for the class of 2005, and the Award For Outstanding Scholarship in Graduate Studies for the class of 2006. Jim also holds a Bachelor’s degree from SUNY Stonybrook (magna cum laude) in Anthropology.

Jim is enthusiastic about all aspects of music, from composition to performance, production to mastering. In addition to recording and mixing music for others, he writes and performs in several projects of his own. Passionate about both studio and live performance, he has produced several albums and toured nationally with his groups The Insinuators and Science!.

Education is very important to Jim. Beginning in August 2021, Jim is on faculty in the Sound Recording Technology program at Syracuse University. Jim has also been program coordinator and recording engineer, taught audio engineering and music production at Western Carolina University,Shoreline Community College, Five Towns College, CUNY Bronx Community College and Living Arts College.

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