3rd in what has apparently become a series of “Lullabies for Dogs”, here’s a new tune “Murray’s Lullaby”…I rarely write for open tunings but always love exploring them when I do. Two of my newer tunes are in this open Bb…this guitar is ready for a new set of strings.

One of my goals this year is to write and record an album of new tunes for 12-string fingerstyle guitar…I’m aiming for ten, right now I’ve got seven that I’m feeling good about, although I’m still working out the bugs…here’s the first one I started thinking about for this album, “Due Diligence” which began coming together right about this time last year as I was getting ready to move from Sylva, NC to Syracuse, NY.

I’ve always wanted to analyze Steve Goodman’s interpretation of this tune and frankly, a day off from school on Opening Day seemed like my best chance to do so. Not sure I’d get around to it any time else. It’s way cooler in 4 than in 3 and although I’m sure he was wearing a Cubs hat when he did it, here’s my take on “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”. Go White Sox.

It was a real thrill to do the live sound mix and the audio mix/master for the video of this performance that Lisa Bella Donna gave at Western Carolina University on February 20th of last year. Looking back on it now, it was one of the very last gatherings that I was a part of before the pandemic set in…it was also snowing that day, which is not a regular occurrence in North Carolina. Lisa spent the day working with students in the WCU CMAP program. She brought an impressive collection of Moog instruments with her. Since we’re located very close to the Moog factory in Asheville, Moog even brought an M1 for her to play. I enjoyed Lisa’s performance so much that I was inspired to pick up my own Moog Grandmother synthesizer and have been using it to create music all year.

I made this video of a road trip I took from North Carolina to Seattle a few summers ago to record some music with Seedsquatch at my buddy Kevin Bressler’s Whiney Cat Audio Studio. I loved the way the video came out and I put some acoustic guitar music that I recorded underneath it…since I released the acoustic guitar album through CD Baby, youtube’s algorithms put a copyright claim on the music and wouldn’t let me share the video…so I had to appeal the copyright dispute to CD Baby, since I own the copyright…and they recently released the claim, so here it is…ah the fun of the legal side of music distribution.