I’ve been putting this studio together over the past year and am now at the point where I’m able to start exploring its sonic character…working on a new tune called “The Creek” recorded through a pair of AKG c414s in a mid-side configuration.

3rd in what has apparently become a series of “Lullabies for Dogs”, here’s a new tune “Murray’s Lullaby”…I rarely write for open tunings but always love exploring them when I do. Two of my newer tunes are in this open Bb…this guitar is ready for a new set of strings.

One of my goals this year is to write and record an album of new tunes for 12-string fingerstyle guitar…I’m aiming for ten, right now I’ve got seven that I’m feeling good about, although I’m still working out the bugs…here’s the first one I started thinking about for this album, “Due Diligence” which began coming together right about this time last year as I was getting ready to move from Sylva, NC to Syracuse, NY.