I’ve been putting this studio together over the past year and am now at the point where I’m able to start exploring its sonic character…working on a new tune called “The Creek” recorded through a pair of AKG c414s in a mid-side configuration.

2020 – 2021 has been a year of new and exciting ways to make music, collaborating over distances. The WCU CMAP faculty have been working on a few and we’re excited to share the first with you. Here’s a composition by CMAP Voice Instructor Wendy Jones – “Choosing Joy”.

This performance features several Western Carolina University School of Music CMAP faculty:
Wendy Jones, vocals – CMAP Voice Instructor
Micah Thomas, drums – CMAP Percussion Instructor
Jim Elenteny, bass – Recording Engineer, CMAP Program Coordinator
Chris Beyt, guitar – Assistant Professor of Jazz Guitar and Recording Arts
Pavel Wlosok, piano – Professor of Jazz

I’ve been working on this tune, off and on, for twenty years. Seemed like a good time to document my progress. Hopefully I’ll have it right where I want it in another twenty years. It blew me away when I first heard it…the energy and joy…and the fact that it was only one person playing. I suppose it was appropriate that I busted a string practicing it the morning that I filmed this, this guitar is in drastic need of new strings anyway so the intonation is a little questionable. I think Leo used finger picks on the original recording then ditched them soon after. I never could stand them. I’d be shocked if this was anywhere near the actual arrangement as originally recorded, but here’s Leo Kottke’s “Busted Bicycle”.