I made this video of a road trip I took from North Carolina to Seattle a few summers ago to record some music with Seedsquatch at my buddy Kevin Bressler’s Whiney Cat Audio Studio. I loved the way the video came out and I put some acoustic guitar music that I recorded underneath it…since I released the acoustic guitar album through CD Baby, youtube’s algorithms put a copyright claim on the music and wouldn’t let me share the video…so I had to appeal the copyright dispute to CD Baby, since I own the copyright…and they recently released the claim, so here it is…ah the fun of the legal side of music distribution.

I’m really excited about the new Science! album “Alcoves and Alleyways”! I recorded, mixed, produced, played instruments, sang and wrote music for it. Great work by Justin Stang who co-wrote the music, sang and played guitar. Thanks to Don Dieterich for his great drumming, Steve Turnidge for the fantastic mastering and Oliver Mullins for the super cool artwork!